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John McClane

John is a dynamic speaker with an extensive sales and business development background who has over 20 years of experience in increasing existing revenue streams, developing new revenue streams, spotting emerging trends through proactive grassroots research, training people, and transferring successful processes and programs to other company areas,  building still more revenue.


Public Speaking * Sales & Marketing * Leadership * Training & Development                                                               Team Building * Planning * Facilitating * Forecasting * Research * Budgeting

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You need someone who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is

For your typical salesperson, who wants another rah-rah sales pep rally about as much as they want a rectal exam, John will take the pain out of your mandatory meeting -converting it from a necessary evil, to a significant event. John is a straight shooter who gets to the heart of the matter… instead of dancing around a subject and leaving no lasting change.

You need customized, tailored content for your people and organization

Since John has experienced the full gamut of the sales spectrum, he has many experiences to draw from. John doesn’t claim to have seen it all, but he’s seen most of it!

John tailors his presentations to provide unique facts and stories just for your event. The presentation John will deliver is exactly what your people need to hear to take charge of their selling and directly impact your bottom line.

You’re looking for a GREAT value

John is not cheap, but he’s not bust-your-budget expensive, either. John is not paid like
Tom Hopkins or Les Brown – YET. That means he’s able to deliver powerful messages that
truly make a difference in your team’s performance… WITHOUT blowing your organization’s
entire budget for the year.
If I were you, I’d take advantage of this short-term scenario.


You want a true client & customer retention specialist… NOT a one-book “expert.”


"In the time that I was assisted by Mr. McClane he developed the advertising that spurred us to go from a single office to ultimately five offices... He was always innovative, available, and a delight to work with." Steve R.


"...John McClane... a man of extraordinary character with exceptional abilities... I have had many opportunities to deal with him - through up markets and down... John would be an huge asset..." Eugene D.


"He has been instrumental in our expansion into new service territories, which has greatly increased our business... I have the highest opinion of John's professional skills and his ability to get the job done..." Myra D.