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My Response To A Prophet’s Blog

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This is my response in 2015 to a blog written by an American prophetic voice re: “The Prophets Must Rebuke The King” (my paraphrase). The prophet chose not to respond.


Dear ______ ,

Somehow, this message didn’t take the first time… Hmmm… While I do not have time for a lengthy dissertation, I will chime in with a couple of points, in response to your blog post.

(1) President Barack Obama is nothing more then the embodiment of a liberal mindset that has been nurtured along the way by loving, caring, nurturing influences – most of which were decidedly liberal and leftist, with their own overt and covert agendas. Unredeemed human nature being what it is, people have a tendency of gravitating towards those that accept them, rather than those that subtly and sometimes vehemently reject and abhor them.

Prophet, ask yourself this question: who spoke ad imparted into Barack Obama’s life as a young man, as a community activist, as a Illinois state senator? Furthermore, what were the influences upon those who spoke into Barack Obama’s life?

(2) Barack Obama is the result of the church’s failure to address the racial situation in America -the failure goes all the way back to Azusa street. I don’t have time to give this subject the treatment it deserves, but suffice to say that a lot of these racial demons did not ‘come out of the closet’ until an African-American was elected president.

(3) If President Barack Obama’s name was Brock O’Reilly, and the ‘house’ of his ethnicity was COMPLETELY some variation of Caucasian, would so many people, including prophets, be so apt to fire and aim? And NO, I did not list the actions in the wrong order. The real issue here is not whether people will rebuke THIS king – the real issue is would they with the same passion rebuke a king without any African present in his ethnicity… What I am saying to you is very simple- A Caucasian ‘Brock O’Reilly’ could’ve done exactly what an African-American Barack Obama has done, and he would’ve been looked upon with less disdain and venomous vitriol.

I remember sitting in a church in suburban Detroit in October 2012, where I heard a nationally known Christian, spirit-filled prophet lend credence to a fabled Mormon ‘White Horse prophecy’ regarding Mitt Romney. The prophet went so far as to speculate whether this prophecy would come true come election day November of 2012. Of course, it did not. This is just one example of the mindless hysteria expressed by too many portions of the body of Christ in America. Do I need to remind you about Pat Robertson’s prophetic ‘miss’ regarding the same subject?

______ , portions of your message sounds like much of the ultra-conservative jangling that one is bound to hear on Fox, bathed in manipulative emotion, and lacking spiritual judgment– and you’re better than that. Unless of course, you’re pandering to an audience, and we both know that TRUE prophets don’t pander to audiences – do they? They say what thus saith the Lord, regardless of fallout–political, social, or financial. At least that’s what the ones in the Bible did, even to the event of their own decapitation.

I’m just wondering how many of the prophets and God’s people in general have fervently prayed for our President during these 6 1/2 years (now 7 1/2) that he’s been in office?? You know, operating from the spirit of the intercessor (God) rather than the spirit of the accuser (satan). Didn’t Francis Frangipane hit the nail on the head with that book?

One final thought–I wonder how amenable this President would’ve been to considering other alternatives if an olive branch had been extended to him out of common respect by members of the opposing party, versus the constant barrage of accusations concerning ‘this President’ (that’s another coded way of saying ‘you people’), and being looked upon as the devil incarnate or the antichrist. Again, unredeemed human nature has a tendency of gravitating toward the friendly, not towards the hostile and hateful–especially when much of the intensity of the rhetoric is for one reason and one reason only – ONE’S ETHNICITY.


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