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Secrets from The One Call Close

Even if your specific product or service has a longer sales cycle, you can use the secrets that a superstar 1-call closer used to reduce your sales cycle. Your audience will discover:

  • How to interview clients to mine for the “sales gold” they need to close the deal.
  • How to win your customer over within the first 15 minutes of the conversation, to practically guarantee a win.
  • The #1 differentiating factor you should use AFTER the sale, to ensure repeat business.

Your Sphere of Authority

How Self-Leadership Is Vital To Success

This is the program designed to shift your personal mindset and habits to be congruent with your goals. Your audience will discover:

  • How challenge and change can bring out the true leader inside.
  • What real leadership means (and why it’s often overlooked).
  • Why leadership can’t be limited to just one part of your life.

The Connection Triangle

How to build solid relationships with prospects

This is the program designed to empower your sales team to win trust, gain credibility, and cultivate long-term relationships with your clients. Your people will discover:

  • The #1 thing you must NEVER do if you want to have ongoing sales success.
  • The strategy to providing value and ROI from the beginning with every client relationship.
  • The best ways to get past a prospect’s uneasiness when they’ve been screwed before.